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Information on the JSCB «Universalbank»

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The JSCB “Universalbank” has been operating on the financial market of the Republic of Moldova for more than fifteen years.

On November 10, 1994 the JSCB “Universalbank” obtained the license of the National Bank of Moldova, this day is considered the official foundation day of the Bank.

At the present time, the JSCB “Universalbank” holds the license of the National Bank of Moldova that allows to provide all range of banking services. The rapidity and efficiency of cash flow service is ensured by a wide network of correspondent banks, such as: Commerzbank AG, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Citibank, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and other banks.

According to the results of 1998, the “Finance Central Europe” Journal recognized Universalbank “The Best domestic bank”, with excellent results in overcoming consequences of crisis of year 1998.

In 2005 and 2006 Universalbank was the best bank in the Republic of Moldova by return on assets. According to the results of 2005, the “Finance Central Europe” Journal (2006, October, p. 21, p.72) ranked our Bank the ninth by Return on Assets among 265th banks from Europe, and the first being nominated as “The Best Bank in Moldova by Return on Assets” among 15 banks of the Republic of Moldova; to the results of 2006, the “Finance Central Europe” Journal (2007, October, p. 19, p.55) ranked our Bank the eleventh by Return on assets among 265th banks from Europe, and the first being nominated as “The Best Bank in Moldova by Return on Assets” among 15 banks of the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of 2009, the Bank’s manager received the European Quality Award for permanent contribution in achieving high quality of rendered services according to the European Standards and the United Europe Award for personal contribution in the development of European integration.
In march 2010, the JSCB “Universalbank” was honoured the First STP Award from Commerzbank AG Frankfurt, Germany for placing of correct information and use of the correct S.W.I.F.T. format, achieving  Straight Through Processing of 97,74%.

The investment strategy of the JSCB “Universalbank” is based on financing of the high potential traditional branches of the Moldavian economy. At the present time, the Bank serves successfully the activity of Moldavian big producers and exporters of agricultural products and companies-owners of grain elevators, a range of large transport organizations, some well-known processing factories, also clients having business interest at the Giurgiulesti port.

Today, the JSCB “Universalbank” provides a wide range of banking services and implements successfully innovative banking products on the Moldavian financial market. During its activity, the Bank has gained clients’ confidence, aiming its activity to satisfying clients’ needs, having an individual approach to every client, to optimal solving of financial problems of its clients. This was realized due to persistent work and high professionalism of Bank employees. The transparency of the financial information and reciprocal confidence are the main factors of mutually beneficial relations between the Bank and its clients. 

The JSCB “Universalbank” creates ramified branch network. Our branch and representative offices are located in Chisinau, Balti, Orhei, Comrat cities. 

During 15 years of activity, the Bank management has succeeded in creating its traditions and approaches to work, training a professional and united staff.

 Our Bank is ready to offer financial support and to ensure banking service at a high professional level. 

        Yours faithfully,
        Oxana Demidevschi
        Acting Chairman of the Board of
        the JSCB “Universalbank”


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